Why do i run?

Running and I have a strange love affair. We’ve parted so many times but I always find myself embracing it back and falling in love with it all over again. I might question myself why before i run, during and after a run but before long I find myself taping and lacing up all over again.

Why do I run?

Quietude. Despite living and running in this noisy and intrusive Metro, I find a certain calmness when I run. I maybe in constant motion but it takes me to a state of stillness. When I run, I am able to find focus and sort out my tangled thoughts.

Weight management. Running is my favorite cardio. I’m so uncoordinated that attending combat or dancing classes is not only a danger to myself but to others as well. So running is my go to cardi. Nothing melts my fattyboomboom as well as a hard long run.

Friendship. I’ve made very good friends on the road and even through this blog. Sometimes, even in a middle of a race where I don’t know anybody I would find myself alongside a runner and we would be chatting (sometimes between gasps and heavy breathing haha) and connecting because of a common goal and passion for running.

Now, here is a video from Brooks Running Philippines featuring Benjamin Alves, a celebrity athlete. Find out why he runs.

Your turn, why do you run?


2 thoughts on “Why do i run?

    1. i got in a better shape when i started running and then i stopped but still in shape (round is a shape, right? haha) but seriously, not getting any younger so even if I just do 5s, it’s a win for me. 🙂

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