Baseline set

I had great 5K run at the Nutrilite Health Run 2015. I didn’t see a single familiar face at the race but it didn’t matter. I had a mission.

I was there to Race!

I was so glad Running Host Boy was giving tips especially to newbie runners. Loved his caution to those with selfie sticks to look around and stay on the side before they whip out their selfie sticks. Getting whacked on the face would have been catastrophic.
At the starting line, I was just to psyched. It’s been awhile. My plan is set and this is the first step.

For this race, I prepared to do a 6:1 walk-run ratio. I’ve been hitting a 8:20ish average pace in my training runs and I was hoping to run a little better. 5years ago, this would be such a lame pace for me but it doesn’t matter, this is where I am now and I will train to get my numbers down again.

This was my first time to run from Blue Bay Walk so I didn’t know what it will be like. I just made a deal with myself to run all the run segments be it uphill or a downhill.

I am happy to report that I completed my 6:1 plan successfully. My only regret was that I didn’t wear my garmin. I might have been able to push harder if I knew my running pace. Nek time.

The timing 5K timing clock was off when I crossed the finish line so I had to rely on my app for time. Based on the app, I crossed in 40min.

So that’s the training pace baseline now. 40min 5K. Next goal, I want to bring it down to 35min.

It is so tempting to just say, I want to finish my next 5K race in 30minutes. It’s a nice round figure but you know what, I have bigger plans and I will be patient.

Found this site that computes training paces. So this is the next phase and I will be training at these paces. I am patient (repeat to self 5x or again and again to keep in check).

Excited to fin a race in early April to see if I can meet my goal.

What’s your training goal?

Thanks so much to Amway and happy 80th anniversary!


2 thoughts on “Baseline set

  1. Congratulations on your 5k time! My first 5k,ever, will probably be in April and I’m looking at a projected finish time of 45 minutes. My goal is also a 30 minute 5 and seems like it would be so easy to do, but it’s not lol. Anyway, I look forward to seeing your progress on here.

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