And here’s the plan for 2015

The plan for 2015 is simple. 2015 Mission : Phase 1 : Run.

Even my training plan is simple. Threw away the paces, chucked the speed workouts and ditched the complicated training plans…for now.

But since I like ticking boxes, seeing my progress and keeping myself on track, I follow this simple program.IMG_3874.JPG
I’ve been doing great so far. 4 runs done, a long one coming up in the weekend.

My inner geek of course is scheming. The short term goal is to complete 4 more weeks and hopefully get back into the groove. 4 weeks is enough to build some kind of running base.

And then…ta-da! I will join a fun run. I will race it. And after, I will sit down and plot my new training paces!

Time has not been on my side lately so 2015 Mission : Phase 2 : Run strong 5s and maybe 10s. What?!! No half? Nope. But i want to keep chipping away seconds off my 5 and 10s.

This plan suits me fine. Finding time to do training runs won’t be as hard and my longs…will be long but won’t take too long.

My time trial race will be on Feb 22 at the Nutrilite Health Run 2015. Whew, posting it is scary but I gotta commit. My todomax might be slow for some but the fun part will be in chipping away seconds race after race.

I am excited but first I have runs to complete and boxes to tick.
IMG_3893.JPGNewbie like me? You still have time to put in some runs and prepare. Feel free to use my walk/run plan. You can do the short runs with 5mins warm-up and cooldown in under an hour and the longs, the longest one is only about 80mins.

I can to eet! You can do eet! We can do eet!

Here are the full race details:

The Nutrilite Health Run will kick off in Manila on February 22, 2015 at the Blue Bay Walk in Pasay City. The second leg will be on March 1 at the Amway Distribution Center (ADC) in Davao. The final leg will be at the Amway Distribution Center in Cagayan de Oro City on March 15.

Event Schedule
Feb 22 2015 – Manila Leg (Bluebay Walk Pasay)
Mar 01 2015 – Davao Leg (SM Ecoland Parking lot)
Mar 15 2015 – CDO Leg (Jafelmor Bldg. Mortola J.R. Borja St)

Registration Fee
PHP 300 (3km, 5km, 8km)

Registration Site
Manila AMWAY Distribution Center (Makati & Greenfields Shaw)
Cagayan De Oro AMWAY Distribution Center
Davao AMWAY Distribution Center
RUNNR Bonifacio Global City
TOBY’s SM Mall of Asia

Assembly Time & Gun Start
8KM – 430AM – 5AM
5km – 5AM – 520AM
3km – 5AM – 530AM

This race is brought to us by the world’s No. 1 selling vitamins and dietary supplements brand*, Nutrilite. These races will cap of their 80th anniversary celebration. This is Nutrilite’s regional initiative that advocates wellness and healthy living. Three races will be held in three key cities in the Philippines, similar races were also held in Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Australia and Singapore.

“Wellness has always been the Nutrilite advocacy since it was first introduce 80 years ago. Through this series of runs, we want to encourage more people to put a premium on their personal wellness. We want more people to eat right, take in the right supplements and exercise,” said Leni Olmedo, Country Manager, Amway Philippines.


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