MH Urbanathlon : Didn’t think I could do it

And so I said earlier that I was going to do the half again at MH Urbanathlon last November 16. A day before the race, I regained my sanity and decided to downgrade to 5K.

I was being practical and thoughtful haha. See without decent training, the likelihood of me finishing it in under 3hours was slim to none, add in the obstacles and we are looking at 4hrs already. Goodness they might have dismantled the obstacles before I even got to them. Plus, the buffet breakfast at Seda would be closed by then. Let’s weigh it, scrumptious breaky versus a long run. Long run, wins! NOT!

I was pretty happy with the downgrade coz I wasn’t really looking forward to do all the obstacles. Boy, I was soooo wrong.

And so after waiting for the 21 and 10K runners depart, I was ready to start running. Game plan, set!

After a kilometer or so we turned left and started the trail part of the route. I miss running on muddy, slippery, one track paths. Seriously, I really do and enjoyed it. I was also glad that not a lot of runners have gone though it coz the trail wasn’t too slippery yet.

After we got off the trail, I saw the monkey bars. See, I’m a fan of American Ninja Warrior and have always marveled at how they attack them. So, up I go! One hand in front of the other, ready to swing…swing… Uhm, not swinging. Just hanging and slipping and down I got. I could have tried and tried but I know I could never do it. Nyenye! On to the next.

That was not the last disappointment for me, I had to be dragged up to the top of the stacked container vans and the really tall wall near the finish line. Salamat sa lahat ng mga manong na humila at sumalo sa akin. Alam ko pareho tayo ng wish for the new year, sana sa susunod mas magaan na ako. Para sa mga manongs, I will really try!IMG_3713.JPG

I really sucked at these 3 obstacles but oh boy I was really good at the spider wall, tire field, the low walls you have to climb up and over (well I had a little difficulty on the first one) and at the crawling one.

IMG_3711.JPG i did manage to bravely jump off this obstacle. I didn’t think I could go up and over and I’m really happy I tried and succeeded!

Here are some photos I took while waiting for birthday boy Kit and Rod.



CJ, Rod and I, triumphant!

It was a great race with great friends. And I finished in time for a great breakfast!

Thanks Men’s Health, LeadPack,, Running Photographers and nuvali! I will definitely do this again!

Raced and want to see if you have photos as well? Check Running Photographers on Facebook.


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