waiting for adam

A minor surgery to remove my ganglion cyst has stopped me from running for a couple of weeks.

The doc actually said I could run 2 days after the surgery but I wasn’t very comfortable with it. Klutz that I am, I was worried that I would trip, land on my injured hand and rip open the stitches. Haha! Hyperactive imagination much?

So anyways, after 2 weeks rest, I finally laced up again. Doc assured me that after 2 weeks everything has fused back and my wound will not open like a guppy’s mouth if I put pressure on it.

PROGRAM : 5min run and 2min x 8

I did pretty well until the 7th repeat then I had a little pain on my right knee. Maybe too long, too soon? So I slowed down a bit. On the last one, I decided to just do strides. Wee, speed!


What about Adam?

Since I’m simply training for endurance now, I don’t run with a watch to monitor pace, distance etc. I use an app called Seconds Pro. I create a timer to match my running program and pair each interval with a playlist. Mindless workout for me. No more checking time. How does it work?

Fast music = Run
Slow music = Walk

But what about Adam?

Well, the Adam playlist is reserved for my cooldown segment. When Adam starts singing he is out there waiting or that he is at the pay phone trying to call home or sunday morning rain is falling , I know that I’ve finished another workout and its time to walk.

I so look forward to hearing him.


Do you use an app when you train?


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