the early bird…

…does not look like a basang sisiw at breakfast.

Remember the alarm? It worked! But fellow lazybones will understand that there is world of difference between WAKING UP and GETTING UP.

I woke up at six. It was raining so I slept again. Heard the next alarm and automatically reached out for the snooze button. By seven I was ready to get up. And at 7:15, I finally did. Gotta love cloudy mornings and running shorter distances as there is no need to rush to beat the sun.

By the time I taped my arches, Kit was done with his 24+2. Before I stared my run, I saw a beaming Rod who just completed his 21K.

And off I go!

Ran my usual route this time. I didn’t want to risk get splashed again. It was another great walk/run for me. Not fast but hey, I got out and logged a few kms. That’s good enough for me. Speed can come later.

IMG_2539.JPGIt was cool but I was still sweating like crazy after my run. Tumutulo talaga ang pawis ko. So when I met up again with Kit and Rod for breakfast, ako na ang basang sisiw while they looked fresh having had a chance to shower before breakfast.

Fingers crossed I can successfully complete my program for next week as well. And now, it’s time for a nap.


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