Woke up at 6am but didn’t go out for my run until 7:30. It was raining and I didn’t relish the thought of getting wet and splashing in the rain so I waited for the rain to stop.

I even avoided my usual route coz I know that there will be puddles all over. So, off I went along a different street. Not even a kilometer in, along comes this jeepney… *humaharurot*

Before, I knew it…



I looked at my shirt, my tights and my shoes. Wet!

I was in a happy place so I was able to resist waving off the rude driver with a birdie. I even swallowed a very unladylike goodbye that would have sent him somewhere really hot.

So much for avoiding getting wet, eh. Oh well, I had a run to finish so off I went, a bit wet and grateful that by some luck, MeanDriver missed my face. I tried not to think of that ewww puddle,

It was good day for a run. Cloudy with a gentle breeze. I liked my new route as well coz it has less stoplights.

Have a great weekend folks!

Did you get a run in or are you resting up for a race tomorrow?


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