5K with Inflatables and much more

I had a great time yesterday at the Ensure Acti M2 Mind and Body Challenge 2014. I joined my usual 5K distance. All fun, no pressure distance.

Before the race started, I also had time to catch up with some Folks I used to run around BHS before. Been a long time since serious training days.

I knew there will be some challenges along the route so I was knew what to expect. But my oh my, those inflatable things were so much fun! Thank you Ensure Acti M2 Mind and Body Challenge 2014. I was halway through the first one when I realised I’ve never played in one these before. We had the usual playground stuff, but no inflatables when were kids. oppps revealing my age…

Oh way a joy!

Continued on with the race and got most of the answers, wee!

Then when we reached the final maze, I realised that the road less travelled….was the wrong path. So I made like a sheep and followed the crowd to the finish line.

If you are looking for photos, found some at Red Knight’s FB account. Click here to check it out. Thanks Red Knight!


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