Women’s Health : Pop-up Studio 2014

Had a great time last week with these girls at Women’s Health Pop-up Studio. Take away the warm-up and cool down, we only worked out for 8 minutes. But it was an action packed 8minutes of non-stop action.

Here’s our routine, try it and know that I what I mean by non-stop almost pass out sweaty workout.

We were group into 4. Task was to 100m run, push-ups, squats and ball slam. We were each assigned a task. So while Roselle was running her 100m outisde, Que was dong push-ups, Tonette was doings squats and I was ball slamming like crazy,

When Roselle finished her run, we switched and she took over the push-ups, Que shifted to squats, Tonette went crazy on the ball and I sprinted out.

We were not crazy about the push-up so we decided that we would go all out on the run so we didn’t have to spend too much time on te push-ups. In 8minutes, we were able to do 2 rounds. Scored 390sumthing. No, sadly we were not the top scorer but if they were judging on form, we would have taken the prize. Haha competitive much.. 20140819-225916-82756288.jpg
We survived!

All smiles while we rehydrated with Carbtrim.
Grab your August Women’s health issue now or like Women’s Health on Facebook for #WHpopupstudio updates.


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