2 morning runs last week

2 posts ago, I’ve kinda given up on putting in morning runs. It was just impossible to wake up early enough to run in the morning. I was convinced that I wasn’t created to train in the morning.

Last week I proved myself wrong. I logged in 2 morning runs. I didn’t exert too much effort. It just happened. I just found time to run in the mornings.
Isn’t it amazing? Isn’t it surprising? Isn’t it?

Run 1 : Thursday morning. Independence Day of the Philippines = Holiday = NO WORK!!! I set the alarm at 4pm. I wanted to test myself. Can I do it?

I finally rolled out of bed at 6am. I was out and running by 6:30am. Surprisingly, waking up and getting out of bed took longer than my run.

I had nice run, breezy and overcast. After the run, I grabbed a banana from a JolliJeep and headed to the gym to stretch out and cooldown. But when I got home, I was so sleepy. Luckily, I had a long bus ride to Batangas and I was able to nap before watching a movie with mom.

MORNING RUN TIP 1 : if you get really sleepy after your morning runs (the beyond salvation of gallons and gallons of coffee kind) confine your morning runs to weekends and holidays or you might end up falling asleep at work.

Run 2 : Saturday afternoon Woke up at 7am. Too hot to run outside. Kept on delaying going to gym. Eventually left the house at 6pm. I squeezed in a really short 20min walk/run before watching Defending the Caveman. Super funny! A must see! Loved Joel Trinidad. Try to catch it at RCBC til this weekend. Tickets available via TicketWorld.

Anyways, even if the run was super short, a run is still a run. I’m counting it!

Run 3 : Sunday morning Saturday, I was panicking a bit … what if I don’t wake up early again or get tamaritis. I had plans for Sunday afternoon so no time to cram my last run for the week.

To stack my deck a bit, I planned breaky with my friend at BGC. From my house to BGC is approx 7km, so that fits in nicely with the plan. Left the house in time for breaky but it got a bit hotter by the time I hit 5th ave.

MORNING RUN TIP 2 : Can’t wake up too early? That’s okay. Morning run is not equal to crack of dawn early. For me, it’s just early enough so that I don’t burn too much while running. 6-7am start is just alright.
MORNING RUN TIP 3 : Run to a breakfast meet up.

Breaky with Josie

And this is why I couldn’t cram a run last Sunday night.

6 out of 9, DONE! 3 more to go. #IWILL


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