What’s left of Saturday

20140607-210942-76182240.jpgI’ve given up on ever waking up early enough to run. I’ve tried, really tried but I’m not really cut out for early morning runs. On race day, one of my biggest worry is actually waking up in time for the gunstart. And yes, I’ve missed a few races because my “I’ll get up in five minutes” have often landed me in trouble.

Today, I was supposed to attend a yoga class with Que at 6:30pm but had a longer nap than I planned. Frustrated, I immediately rolled out ofbed and laced up. No more excuses, I’d save what’s left of the day and log in a run.

Great running weather, too. There was a bit of breeze that made it a cool run.

I’ve decided to go back to basics and just go back to a simple training plan. Today I completed week.

I am very pleased with my run segments. I kept my form and my pace was pretty consistent. Happy with 42:30 5K.

Next week it will 3 runs of 2min run and 2 min walk. 3/9…6 more to go! #IWILL get that shirt!


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