Eek! I found a snail in my salad greens

This was my lunch last Tuesday. I had tuna salad, sourdough bread, sliced apple and greens, yummy and healthy, right?
Almost … but no quite.

I did not finish all my greens as I put out too much and did have not enough bread. As we were lingering over our drinks, my bos pointed to my leftover greens and said, “Glad you didn’t eat that” and pointed to something brown on my leftover greens.

When I looked closely, I really felt I was turning green. There’s a SNAIL!!!! Dead but still a snail, eek!!!Oh dear! I hope all the crunch was just apple slices!
20140605-233503-84903116.jpg When I got home, I checked the salad packet, no more snails but I still sent an email to the salad company. I was really worried that I might be getting extra protein that I really do not want. Ginataang kuhol is okay but a decaying snail mixed with my salad green or worse a trapped snail crawling all over it is really not my kinda meal.

Here is an excerpt of my letter.

I am a regular customer of your salad greens. It is a staple that goes into my grocery basket every week. I am thankful for your product as it has helped me incorporate vegetables into my diet. I often recommend you to my friends, especially the blue pack with arugula as it is really a very good mix.
You might say that this is proof that your produce is really pesticide free. Just as I trust that your greens are ready to use, I never really needed extra proof that it is pesticide free by seeing a snail in my meal.

Now, I do require reassurance that your product is indeed ready to use and eat. Bug free, no extra protein or worse as in my case, a decaying organism included.

I appreciate your response and appropriate action so I can advise friends also whom I have recommended your products to. I have included the bar code to help your trace this batch of produce.

I was so worried I even sent a letter via LBC. Haha freakedmuch? I really love my salad mix and I hope they could work out the problem.

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the same day reply of the salad company. Here’s an excerpt of their reply.

They also offered to show us their farm or send a video of their produce processing. The trip would have been interesting but I just don’t have luxury of time now. I did say yes to having a peek at their video. It’s always good to see how the food I eat is processed.

And so dear friends, apparently sneaky pesky snails do thrive during this hot season, so before you serve and/or munch on that triple washed and ready to eat salad green …STOP and LOOK CLOSELY … you might get extra bits.

As for the me, I will still finish my packet of greens but will be washing it first and will look closely from here on. If you buy those ready to eat greens, I suggest you guys do the same as well.

To the salad company, Sir, I do hope your quality control team will be more vigilant.

Update : 8 June 2014
Received the produce processing video and replacement packet (plus 5 other packets) from the salad company today. Thank you, sir. Perfect timing as they ran out of the blue packet today at my usual grocery store.

5 thoughts on “Eek! I found a snail in my salad greens

  1. Say yes to the trip. I’ll go with you (sana malapit lang) I eat the ones with arugula too.

    Good thing wala naman yata crunchy sa nakain ko this week.

  2. Maybe there should be a new certification for snail-free veggies. 3 washes is not enough to remove them. Madikit talaga yan. 😛

    I agree with Bee too. 😀

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