5K fangirl

I saw this article on my newsfeed on the 10 Reasons the 5K is Freaking Awesome and I agree.

I’ve been running 5Ks lately and enjoying them. I have to admit that I enjoy equally the prep work or limited prep I need to do for it.

So lovin’ logging in less mileage. I still remember my 80km training weeks and shake my head now how I even managed them.

I haven’t been racing any of the 5K but that’s the plan. I’ll need to work on my mind game coz for the 5s you gotta be ON and hit it hard when you breakout of the starting line.

Last 5k at Etude was about 40mins so I have heaps of room for improvement. Yes!

Today’s run: 2 min walk and 1 min run. I bumped it up to 9kph speed so it was a good one and the whole time I was thinking …. Legs we gotta to learn this pace again.

Capped off the workout at Fitness First with 30minute circuit workout.

Check out this quarter’s Runner’s World Ph if you want to train for your first or a faster 5K.20140604-224256-81776784.jpg

And this will be the plan for me…



2 thoughts on “5K fangirl

  1. That cover really inspires me to go topless in a race. Baka madiscover and maging cover boy din balang araw. Hahaha!!!

    Oh, I dont remember doing a 5K race yet.

    1. Topless, better get clearance from Que haha. 5Ks are fun! Racing it is even more fun but select the less popular races when you race it… kasi it is also the selfie race category now.

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