White rice : Reinvented

I have to confess that I am not a big fan of brown rice. I grew up eating white rice and eating brown rice with the usual Pinoy dishes just doesn’t hit the right spot.

But I do need to add more fiber to my meals. So this is something I try to do when I eat white rice. Plus it adds bulk so I kinda eat less rice.

Here’s my rice salad, ta-da!

How to make this rice salad :
White rice
Finely chopped assorted greens
A dash of cayenne pepper (it’s good for your metabolism)

Other options : mix in with fresh salsa or finely chopped bell peppers, even cucumber (endless options)

Mix, Mix, Mix! And start to chow down with your favorite ulam (viand).

I had this for lunch with yummy menudo.

UPDATE 20140527 Today, I made white rice with mixed greens, longganisa and fresh tomatoes.

Give it a try! Sarap!


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