What I think about when I run

We were talking about friends who ran TNF when Peter wondered out loud what they were thinking about when as they ran 50 and 100kms.

So today, I made a mental note to try and remember…

I thought about..
how hot it was
– how nice the breeze was and the lovely wind tunnel at Legaspi st
– timing so that I will reach the the stoplight on my “walk” segments
Justin Timberlake … dancing back-up to Beyonce when my playlist reached Single Ladies
– yey, 1K
– *clap* 2K
– *inhale* 2 more to go
– nice shoes…runner wearing colorful runner
– hey, si Ken
– form, form, form …shoulders back, chin up, throw it forward, lean forward
– one more round
– opps lubak
– that runner needs to work on form
– wow this easy
– i am so gonna be sore tomorrow

This is my thought salad but really most of the time, I just get lost in the forward motion. When I find my sweet pace, everything else vanish.


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