Outbreak…I’m afraid!

J wanted to check out the Outbreak Manila mania so we all decided to join her. J and run are words only strung in a sentence when accompanied by the words DON’T, WON’T and CAN’T. So when she asked us to join her immediate said yes. Until she said zombies.

Nah, I’m not really afraid of them. But I don’t like getting startled and chased. I hope I don’t smack any of them.

Btw, just heard that you are in the first 2 waves, you’re in for a small treat. Read on.

Zombies will once again invade the metro, this time inside the walls of the majestic Intramuros. Touted as Operation Stronghold, the mission of this Outbreak is to free Dr. Alfonso Adarna from the evil fanatical band of brothers. It’s the familiar fear but with a whole new level of terror presented by the brotherhood, all within the intricate interiors of the famed walled city. It’s an Outbreak like you’ve never seen before!

Giving runners the hydration to help them complete their mission is Summit Natural Drinking Water, while Nestea in a Bottle will be there to refresh the first 2 waves of the run.

Reserve your strength, save the date, and sign up for the mission, happening on April 5. For more information, visit http://www.outbreakmanila.com and like Summit and Nestea Philippines on Facebook


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