Day 27 : Ran

20 March 2014
Ran to SM Aura today to register for NatGeo run. It was cool today. Left the house at about 7ish so I knew I had enough time to get to Aura before reg booth closes at 9pm.

Easy and relax run for me. Registering was easy as well. And they take your photo pa after.

I heard some people asking for the longer distances. I know, I know…longer distances are way sexier and better for bragging rights plus you get a cool finisher’s shirt pa.

But …

If there is one race that you should consider stepping down to 5K, I say this is it because…

In 2014, NGC promises to raise money for WWF’s Bancas for the Philippines project. This project aims to train fishermen affected by Typhoon Yolanda last November 2013 in making and using fiberglass boats for artisanal fishing. These boats are designed to withstand the onslaught of typhoons to ensure that the fishermen can continue with their livelihood.

They still need our help. Just because it is no longer in the news, it doesn’t mean that all is okay and back to normal. Let’s all do our share.

So tara, 5K na tayo!


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