Power Plate Workout

For Friday’s PT session, I got to try something new. First to try it at Fitness First RCBC , too. Kewl! But, I wasn’t sure what to expect during the workout. Maybe I just stand on it and fat will magically melt away? *wish* Or maybe it will be like standing on bosu ball? Hmmm maybe this all hype?

Presenting the newest workout equipment at my gym, the Power Plate*ta-da*

Wikipedia describes it as a “brand of vibrating platform used as exercise equipment. It consists of a vibrating base, which may vibrate up and down approximately 1 to 2 millimetres (39 to 79 thou) (1/16″) 25 to 50 times per second.”

Before we started, Jun (one of the 3 PTs certified on this equipment) explained to me what it does. For the complete description of the science behind the Power Plate, click here. All I needed to remember are the 3 controls for:
– Frequency : controls number of cycles per second – how fast it vibrates
– Amplitude : how far the plate moves during each cycle – up and down
– Interval : 30, 45 or 60 seconds.

So what can you do on it?
We started off with a few yoga poses at low frequency and amplitude at 30secs interval. My favorite was the hamstring flexibility experiment we did. First off Jun made me do a forward bend. My best effort, finger tips passed my toes by 1 1/2 inches. Then we did a hamstring stretch. The result : after the hamstring stretch, on the forward bend my finger tips passed my toes by another full inch.

If you have tight hams, you gotta try this. Amazing!

Free/Body weight exercises

Whatever body weight or free weights you do on the floor, you can do on the Power Plate.

We did 2 rounds of circuit training : squat and press, single leg squats, dead lifts, step ups and a series of planks. Because of the vibration, my core needed to be engaged most of the time.

I could feel te vibration from tips of my toes to the top of my head. When my forearm was on the plate, my teeth were rattling like crazy. I opted for planks that had my feet on the plate instead of my forearms because my rattling was too distracting.

We also did the post workout massage on the Power Plate. Perfect for my peroneous longus.

The verdict
– Did I sweat? Oh yes!
– Did I like my workout? Sure did! It was also a great practice and helped me keep my core engaged the rest of the day.
– Will I do it again? Oh yes! It’s always good to mix things up.

Interested, inquire at Fitness First Platinum – RCBC and SM Aura.

Thanks Jun and Chance!

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