Day 4 – 7 #100happydays : Finally up to date

Monday, 24February 2014
Day 04 #100happydays : Friends and Dollies

Today would have been Dino’s 41st birthday. I am sad that he is gone but as I said before, how can I be so sad knowing that he has now found eternal peace with the Lord.

I vowed to find my “happy” today.


When I got to the office, I got these uber cute bobblehead dolls. They are my Taipei pasalubong from Lyn. Thanks Lyn. How cute are they? Wonderful addition to my asian miniature doll collection

So what else made me happy? My friends’ comments to a picture I posted on FB. Not because they commented, haha, but because it is always great to see friends happy. My favourite, Gritchin liked my birthday song and dance birthday greeting.

It’s okay to do silly things once in a while specially if it brings a smile or two. Never underestimate the power of a little silliness.

I think I am settling in to this challenge, Kit and Shiela have joined as well. We can do this guys!

Tuesday, 25 Feb 2014
Day 05 #100happydays : another 7747 Dinner

I had a dinner invite today. Dinner at my house!

Friends said they are coming over with food and will cook it, too. How awesome is that! In case this is all a bit confusing, our apartment is the gathering place for our group. We have spent endless hours just hanging out over food and drinks at our round table.

But sorry, there are no pictures. I came home starving after my workout and just started eating. Haha.

The table was messy, food strewn all over. Not instagram perfect, but just what I needed. Seated around the table or moving around in the kitchen were friends, eating and cooking and another one waiting to get a foot massage. Yeah, we are special this way.

We had bagnet, piniritong tulingan, bagoong with calamansi dipping sauce, bagnet, chips, truffles, happy cream puff, pandesal, peanut butter, garlicky peanuts and soon after the best salmon belly sinigang. And rice, lots of it. Oh dear me diet…

Morey (my friend who was doing selfies way back in the 90s before the word selfie was invented) used to say when we didn’t have camera to capture TheMoment, “I will just take picture with the camera in my heart.” And that’s what I did last night. *click*

Wednesday, 26 Feb 2014
Day 6 #100happydays : starting and ending the day right


When woke up…
The carnations are still fresh and not wilted. I got them from Quiapo last Friday and it was such a pleasant surprise to see that they haven’t wilted yet. I normally get mums but opted to try something different. Great choice. And what a pleasant thing to see first thing in the morning. Note to self : Clear out the work table to the flowers will shine more….weekend chore.

Before I slept…
I got home and crashed. I had tough day at work. Around 11pm, I heard the iPad go *ding*, I’ve got mail! When I checked, it was just spam mail. Since, I was half awake, I checked my work webmail to see if the work update I was waiting for has come through.

Did!!!! Whew, project is still on track. I’ve been worried. Sweet!

Thursday, 27 Feb 2014
Day 07 #100happydays : fooooooooood

Day 7! Yey!
I’m so pleased that my Pinoy salad experiment turned out to be soooo yummy. It’s ripe mango and daing na bangus on a bed of greens with a simple vinaigrette dressing.

Dinner was a custom burger at Burger Bar. This mine and Rosa’s comfort food. Yummy dinner followed by window shopping. Easy and relaxed way to end the day.

I knew food will eventually make it to one of my happy days. And this is good day for it, one is my good ole favorite and the other one is my very own creation.

This has been an amazing week of discovery, of being in the moment and of making things happen. I am thankful.

Btw, moving my #100happydays posts to

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