Day 03 #100happydays : Bisugo and Keith

Sunday, 23February 2014

7:30 am and my half-awake thought was “If I spend the whole day in bed, will I find something for my #100happydays.” My slacker answer is, I can. Surely marathon CSI or American Idol will make me happy. Listening to Keith Urban is bliss in itself. And I’m talking about just listening to him talk. Haha.

So I had that in the pocket.

But I eventually got up and went to Tejeros market. I saw a bisugo. It looked yummy but I was clueless. What do I do with it? The fish vendor and the other manang (without being condescending) patiently explained to me what I could do with it. We settled on paksiw and they even gave me the list of ingredients. I wonder if the 2 manangs realised that their random act of kindness made me happy. I did not end up cooking it. I made yayabelle cook it but provided enough directions like I knew what to do with it in the first place.

I did end up spending most of the day watching American Idol (Keith Urban really. Goodness I might start listening to country music soon. Eeek!)

Did I learn something new today? Did! Human interaction provides heaps of opportunities for happiness but it is okay as well to stay in, just you and Keith errr tv or 4 corners of your room or with your smart devices. What is important is to find balance in life.


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