Day 02 #100happydays : The Manongs


Saturday, 22February 2014

When I woke up today, I knew that I my day 2 was in the bag. I’m going to Chinatown with Carrie and expect to have a great time, great food and great company.

And I wasn’t wrong. I had a great time, great food and great company. Heaps of happy moments.

I could be a slacker and post a dumpling or handpulled noodles or a Juan Luna painting. They made me happy yes.

Tip: Do try Lan Zhou lamien (Php120) in Binondo. You even get to watch them make noodles. Their dumplings are also awesome.

But as I sat down and thought about the whole day, what truly made me smile today were all the helpful people we met.

Taxi Driver #1
He patiently circled the building that we thought was the National Museum to help us find the entrance. Turns out he brought us to the wrong building and we had to walk to the National Museum (which was not where we wanted to go) and walk again to the National Gallery. It was an easy breezy day and fine day to walk.

National Gallery Dudes
Not sure if they are guards or just staff, but they all offered sincere and genuine smiles to us while they opened doors and made sure that Carrie and I saw all the galleries.

Btw, have you been to the National Art Gallery? It’s amazing. Even just a visit to see the Spoliarium makes it worthwhile. Tip: entrance is FREE on Sundays. Normal rate is Php150 and allows entrance to National MuseuM and National Art Gallery.

Manong Padyak to Quiapo
Poor manong. He pedalled me and Carrie to Quiapo. He was pleasant and did not try to overcharge us. Well, some might say that Php50 per head from Binondo to Quiapo is overkill but to me it was value for money and pedalling me and Carrie will be no easy feat so hey no complaints from this quarter.

And today I learned that there are obvious and easy ways to find happiness. New things, new places, new tastes, that’s easy. But finding happiness in the most common and simplest of things is equally important.


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