Started #100happydays

I saw Vivien post about the #100happydays in Facebook last Thursday. I had a bit of laugh when she told her fellow #100happydays challenger that food makes her happy so she might end up 100lbs overweight after the challenge.

The challenge asked, “Can you be happy for 100 days in a row?” My initial reaction is, “No.” Definitely not for 24/7. But it was an intriguing challenge and after thinking about it I decided that, “Hey, 24/7 happy is crazy but I can definitely find something to make me happy in a day.”

And so here we go…

At first, I didn’t want to put in a public forum. But hey, me happy can make another happy so why not put it up.

I will be writing more than just taking photos. I’ll do the post before I turn in and might not have photos readily available. As I type, I plan to go process the day and see things from a different perspective, see the “happy” in every moment.

I’ve recruited my friends Lalaine and Mara to do it, too. Happy!

Interested? Visit


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