my new favorite sambo is … *gasp*… a veggie sambo

Disclaimer : i have no plans to turn vegetarian, flexitarian and any of those confusing variations.

But I must say that this is 3rd time in the last 6 days that I’ve had a meal of roasted veg sambo. It’s so yummy, colorful and very easy to make…oh and healthy too.

Try it!

– red bellpepper
– green bellpepper
– yellow bellpepper
– zucchini
– eggplant
– enoki mushroom
– Olive oil
– Lemon
– feta cheese
– your choice of bread
– salt and pepper
(use at least 2 or all of the above veggies) I wonder what other veg would work. Suggestions?

1. Cut up the veg.
2. Coat it with olive oil and lemon. Then season with salt and pepper.
3. Let the veg marinate a bit.
4. Cook your veg
5. Assemble sandwich
6. Don’t forget to crumble some feta cheese on top

Cooking options:
1. On a grill
2. On a stovetop using pans that has grilly-thingie-looking things
3. In an oven toaster. Make sure to use a flat pan to put all those veg in.
4. In the microwave. Nuke it for 3-5 minutes.

Important: How do you know the veg are cook? When they are a bit transparent, they are usually done. My way … I take a little bite, if it tastes like the other roasted veg I’ve had … then it’s cooked. (hmmm, by this time you would have figured out that cooking and I are just starting to be friends. I may not cook, but I can eat. Trust me this is good. And I don’t even like veg.)

If you don’t want starch. Ditch the bread and have it as a salad.


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