#OBA : Setting goals

I spent 4 out of the last 6 weeks on work and rec travel. I’ve squeezed in working out when I can but late nights to prepare for work and early morning call time kinda messed up #oplanbalikalindog. I’ve walked heaps … miles and miles … these last few weeks also so I hope that worked in my favor.

Hit the treadmill this afternoon again for some walk/run extravaganza. *body check* Okay, so far nothing hurts and I aim to do 2 more this week.
Oh and more goals-goals-goals as I will start working out this week with the PT assigned to me when I logged on to http://fitnessfirst-letsgetpersonal.com. I want to be able to give my PT clearcut goals. Somehow I think saying #oplanbalikalindog might confuse him. This is what I’ve worked out so far.20131125-224304.jpg Okay so I haggled a bit with myself, I know that 2lbs a week is doable and possible but I wanna enjoy this as well. Having fun will increase the likelihood that I will stick to the program. I don’t want to dread the coming days and dear me be miserable during the holidays.

I’m really to eager to try new routines and try out the new stuff they have in the gym. They recently refurbished FF RCBC and they’ve turned the weight area into one big playground.I wish they put more mirrors though. *hint-hint-prettyplease*.

Speaking of trying new things, while I was running, I spotted Abby working out with her PT April. They were tucked away in one of the new corners at FF RCBC dedicated for boxing and muay thai. It sure looked like a good cardio workout, I was running but Abby was sweating more.
Maybe I will try this as well but not just yet. You see the boxing workout has left-right proficiency requirement and being directionally challenged it could go really really bad for me and PT dude. For now my cardio goal for the week is to do 3 walk/run workouts, 5km each. 1 down 2 to go.


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