My Balik-Alindog Workout with Lani

I am not totally new to Personal Training. I’ve worked out with a very energetic PT before (and dropped over 20lbs). What happened? Life and injuries…now I’m looking forward to starting or should I say jumpstarting my fitness journey again.

Last week’s PT session with Lani was a great start. When I got paired with her at the Fitness First’s Personal Trainer Launch the first thing we did was to get my baseline measurements. Forget the old school caliper and tape measure. We used the Tanita weighing scale and got my weight, BMI, fat free muscle percentage, fat percentage and total body water. If you haven’t tried getting body measurements this way, I highly recommend that you do this as it gives comprehensive data.

Tip 1: Get accurate baseline data. This is the best way to plan and monitor your fitness journey.

When we got my baseline data, we discussed my fitness goals. I told her about my quest for Balik Alindog. Haha. Yup, I want a hotsiepatootsie body plus I really wanted to lose some weight to be healthier and fitter. She asked me what I currently do and if I have any injuries that we need to consider. I told her my current workout program and my pesky right wrist that make push ups and full planks very painful. She considered all these and recommended that we start off with a functional workout program and we’re off!

Tip 2: Be as open as possible with your PT. This will allow them to customise a safe, effective and challenging program for you.

1. WARM-UP. We started with 5min walk/run on the treadmill to prepare my muscles for the torture … err … workout. Easy lang.

2. DYNAMIC STRETCHES. This is something new for me. Usually after I warm-up, I immediately start my weight training. Lani said that dynamic stretches would help me loosen up and prepare my muscles.

Dynamic stretching are active movements of muscle that bring forth a stretch but are not held in the end position. The opposite of this is static stretching, consisting of stretching in which the position is held for any given amount of time.

To prepare for the workout, with my weight on one leg she asked me to swing my other leg from left to right. 15x each leg. Then, she asked to lift one knee up and swing my legs back. 15x each leg. Sorry no pictures as I was really focusing on what we were doing. For those of you who are interested to follow along, I have some stick figure drawings of what what we did. 🙂
Whew, warm-up pa lang sulit na.

3. Suspense na Suspension Training.
– 2 sets of 20 push-ups using the harness. Target : chest, back, shoulders and abs.
– 2 sets of 20 pull up and squat combo. Target : quads, glutes, back and biceps.

Tip 3: Ask your PT what muscle each exercise targets. And then when you execute the exercise, try and focus your attention on these muscles. This will give you extra burn and help maintain correct form.
I’ve seen these harness at the gym but I’ve never gone near them. I didn’t know how to set it up and I didn’t want to entertain the whole gym with a glorious faceplant to the mat.

Lani demonstrated how to set it up and how to execute the sequence. It was good to have her there because she was able demonstrate what I needed to do and to point out what slight adjustments I needed to make to correct my form and alignment. Notice my bum was still raised when I was doing the push-up. She asked me to tuck my tail in and engage my core and ohboy everything clicked and activated all the target muscles.

Tip 4: You can rely on your PT to ensure you have the correct form. Check with them periodically especially when your are trying a new routine or when you are feeling tired already. Proper Form = Safe and efficient workout.

4. ViPR doesn’t bite.
– 2 sets, 20 reps of squat and press
– 2 sets, 15 reps per leg of front lunges with ViPR dip and curl
This is another gym thingie I don’t use. I’m afraid that I would end up hitting somebody with it. When Lani picked this as my next prop, I was worried. After the first set of squat and press, I realised my muscle imbalance. Being left handed, left side is stronger and I always led my movement with it. Using the ViPR helped me to be more conscious in how I perform the squat and press.

Tip 5: Be open to try new things in the gym. Variety will make working out more fun.

5. Turn my legs to gooeygello
– 2 sets, 20 reps per leg bench step up with wood chops. Target: quads, pecs, shoulder, obliques
– 2 sets, 20 mountain climbers. Target : legs, abs
– 2 sets, 15 reps per leg side lunge with front raises. Target: inner thighs, glutes, pecs

Oh this was the hardest sequence! It was complicated, it was fast, it was a pain. Pride and Lani’s breathing cues got me through. She cued me when to exhale and inhale and I just focused on it. If you don’t believe me, give this sequence a try.

Tip 6: Breath. Some people, including me, just hold their breath. Proper breathing gives you power and focus. Use it.

6. Abs-abs-baby – harnessed
– 2 sets, 20 full sit ups
– 2 sets, 30 sec forearm planks
– 2 sets, 20 knee tucks to plank

Back to the harness. After the gooeyleg workout, I seriously doubted that I could do this sequence. It was even more complicated. Luckily, Lani walked me through this sequence. She quietly but firmly made me complete the sequence and boy I was thankful.

7. Cooldown. 5 min walk. I did it!!!

8. Static stretching.
I must say that this is the best part of having a PT. They will stretch and bend you to work off all the kinks. Think pretzel.

Thanks Lani!
20131104-221005.jpgI’m on holidays now, trying to eat clean and gearing up for my next PT session. My workout … heaps of walking. I’m looking forward to hit the gym again when I return.

Fitness member or not, if you are keen to check out their Personal Trainer program and see how they can help you to be fitter and healthier sign up at for a FREE PT session.


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    1. Sa next program ulit. 🙂 I was slightly bobs kasi pede naman pen and paper ko ginawa pero pinahirapan ko sarili ko sa doodle art app ayan, naubusan ng pasensya after one set.

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