Fitness First : Let’s Get Personal

Last week, I was one of the lucky bloggers and fitness enthusiasts invited by Fitness First to participate in Fitness First’s Personal Trainer Launch.

The Fitness First Team started off by introducing to us their personal training program and the personal trainers behind their program. The stories of the trainers and their dedication was really inspiring. Check out their videos at FF Let’s Get Personal. Not playing favorites but I was really moved by the stories of Kim, Joe and Ron. They also introduced their New You Achievement Awardees who shared their inspiring stories to better fitness and health and how they achieved their goals through the Personal Training Program.

So wait, wait… In case you are wondering … What exactly is personal training ba? It is beyond having somebody at the gym who follow you around and count how many reps you’ve done. And no, they are not just there to tell you what to do next and set up the equipment for you.

At Fitness First, Personal Training means working out with trainers specialising in all areas of fitness such as weight loss, health improvement, injury rehabilitation, sports training, core, and strength training. You get individual attention from a certified, knowledgeable expert who will draw up a training plan customised to fit your goals. Fitness First is home to some of the best and most passionate trainers around: trainers that will empower you to lead a healthy lifestyle and get ahead in life.

Back to last week’s Fitness First’s Personal Trainer Launch…

After introducing us to how the personal trainer program works we got to experience what the mean when they say Let’s Get Personal. They made us take a quiz to determine our fitness goals and then matched us with a personal trainer tasked to work our @$$es off.

I was paired off with Lani. And boy did she worked my silly bum off. Catch-up with me tomorrow and I will share with you my program. But if you are already interested to try it for yourself, register and check it out here.


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