yoga before breakfast

I love lazy Sundays. Waking up really slowly, stretching around the bed and planning the day. Thinking … and believing … that uber hectic Monday is still faraway and I have plenty of time to relax and recharge.

One of my favorite things to do on a lazy morning Sunday is to roll out my mat and have a relaxing yoga practice. I’m no headstanding-crowbalancing-pretzeltwisting yoga wonder. I just like to do easy yoga flows to wake up and get energised. Sometimes I just do routines I remember from my BodyBalance classes. These are familiar routines and just easy to slip into. Sometimes, I look up my youtube playlist and follow along Sadie, Tara or David.
This morning I opted for Sadie’s 40 minute yoga flow for toning and transformation. It was just right, dynamic and challenging. There were some poses that made my legs shake. And it’s okay, finding your threshhold is part of the practice. As Sadie said, “This is where transformation happens.” I modified some poses and rested when I needed to. I also opted to use a towel when I was doing the leg bind. It allowed me to get into the proper alignment. I think I need blocks as well, I am starting to believe that my arms are really too short for my torso or More likely I just need more shoulder flexibility haha. But overall, I know that it is not about pushing to the point of pain and injury just to get to the poses. It is all about the proper alignment and easing into the poses, that is why it is called practice and not perfection.

After my 40min practice, I was sweating, limber, centered, energised to take on the day ahead and ready for breakfast. I only wish I could wake up early enough each day to put in a bit of practice each day.

Yoga via youtube tips:
1. Look for channels and videos within your level of comfort and capability
2. Watch the videos in full first and decide if the pace and level are suitable to what you want and what you can do
3. Choose videos with narration that are not annoying and provide proper verbal cues that will allow you get into the poses safely
4. Compile the ones you like in a playlist for easy access
5. Recommend that you also attend classes to learn the basics. It is always good to know the basics and be guided by them before launching out on your own.
6. If you have a mirror, practice in front of one. Body sensing takes practice and it is always good to be able to check your alignment. And it such a great boost when you see how fabulous you look in the poses.

My favorites :
1. Sadie Nardini’s 40min yoga flow
2. Tara Stiles’s AM Yoga in Bed
3. And this seated hatha yoga flow of David


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