if we have a yard, I’d be mowing right now

20131020-235158.jpgWe just celebrated Ps birthday. It was super chill and fun. Only problem is earlier on we decided to get best value for our hard earned money. Somehow we worked out that if we opted to order bottomless mojitos and ordered more we would be getting best value for our money. And yes, we decided this when we were still sober haha. K and P I think got best returns, averaging about Php29.50 per drink. I came in at 3rd.

When I got home, I started planning next week’s program. Curious with the impact to my balik alindog quest, I decided to look up how much calories I just indulged in.


Not counting dinner, for the number of mojitos I had, I need to mow a lawn for 8 hours. Oh dear me! There goes our value for money logic.

Do you need help with mowing and gardening this week?

Program for the Week
M : 30min walk run, 30day shred
T: 30min yoga flow
W: Swim, I wanna try this routine but maybe not as fast
Th : 30min walk run, 30day shred
F: maybe swim, maybe yoga
S: Rest
S: 30min yoga flow or maybe run

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