Active Health Sports Gel : Check it out here and at RUPM 2013

I am fan of sports gels. I’d never race without one. It gives me that extra zoooom I need when my energy drops and that extra kick to a great finish. I have favorite brand but this new entrant is worth a look.

Introducing the first sports gel made in Asia, the ACTIVE HEALTH SPORTS GEL!!! I said I have a favorite gel, raved about it often enough in this blog but AH Sports Gel is worth checking out.


1. AH Sports Gel has greater carb content. 29g per serve compared to my favorite brand’s 25g. Remember carbs = FUEL.

2. More complex carbs. simple carbs like sugar will give you the omph but burns quickly. So geeky me is thinking complex carbs means slow sustained burn. I’m imagining charcoal burning over flash ‘n bang.

3. Syrupy consistency. And this is my favorite bit. I love my other brand but it is kinda thick and I have to wash it down with water. AH Sports Gel’s consistency is just perfect.

Oh and kids, runners old and new, I might opt not to wash down with water gels with lighter consistency but it doesn’t mean that I don’t drink water anymore and neglect my hydration. Lest you get confused, gels = nutrition. Water (or sports drinks) = Hydration. Finding the right mix of nutrition and hydration is key. And you thought running is just all about lacing up and putting one foot in front of the other. To neglect hydration and depend solely on nutrition would be unwise and spells doom.

So back to the consistency, this one nga I like kasi I don’t have to wash it down with water. It means I can have a bit of sweetness in my mouth a bit longer.

So now you ask, when to drink water? Ahh … that my dear friend is the tricky balance of hydration and nutrition that you will only learn as you pound the pavements and train. I’ve heard one to many stories of goal and PR times dashed and shattered due to bad nutrition and hydration. There are recommendations out there. Read. Experiment. Train. And lastly listen to your body’s demands and likes. When you figure that out, you can almost always guarantee a great finish. Promise!

This is prolly not as technical as 1, 2 or 3 but equally important to me.
4. Easy to open. Check it out! No more struggling at races. Bite and rrrrrippp!
Runners on Sunday’s RUPM 2013 will get to check out Asia’s first sports gel. Good running to all participants. Special shout out to 7747 regulars – Kit Atienza and Rod Sollesta. Rod, may special shout out is Kit kasi he sent me a selfine hehe20131001-233158.jpg
I’m super inggit, the finish line for 42km runners is soooooo good! Have a great run kids!

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