Review : Sony Walkman Wseries : Best gym buddy…ever!

Note: First off because I want to be transparent about my review I’ll start by stating that Lhen from Ogilvy sent me this unit to try out for a couple of weeks. If you find my review useful please like or share this post.

Here is the Sony Walkman Wseries in its box.20130627-230707.jpg
When you open the box you get these: (1) the walkman, (2) the usb charger (3) manuals, manuals, manuals. Some ignore them, me, I love them and (4) earbuds – 4 sizes.20130627-230720.jpg
SETTING IT UP. For better sound quality and fit, make sure that you are using the correct size of earbuds. At the time of purchase, M size earbuds are installed. Play around with earbuds, change size and adjust position for comfy and snug fit. If you are used to the usual earphones that comes with the iPhone expect an adjustment period. Those who’ve used Yurbuds will have no issues. For your viewing pleausre, I did a step by step procedure on how to place the earbuds. Make sure you install them firmly on your Walkman, you really don’t want one or both buds to remain in your ear.20130627-230731.jpg
CHARGE! To charge your Walkman, attach it to the usb charger. Make sure that the terminals of Walkman and the charger – they are the goldy bits – are in contact with each other. Then attach the other side as well so it’s tidy then plug into your PC.

TheHype about charging it for 3mi s and you are ready to go for an hour workout…SO TRUE! You need 1.5hours to fully charge but if you are in s hurry all you need is 3mins and you are ready to go. Tried it several times and it worked. I love the battery life. And yes, battery life of my usual workout buddy – thePhone – frustrates me.20130627-230744.jpg
And here is the manual which you should really read. 20130627-230755.jpg
FILL IT UP. Putting music is easy. Just plug it in and then drag and drop your music. I used mp3 format. Creating playlist is s bit tricky. Here’s a link that will help.

MORE THAN JUST MUSIC. I listen to a lot of podcasts when I workout. Not talkies but yoga classes or interval training ones. I loaded a few as well and they worked perfectly. It’s just like having a personal trainer. You can download samples here. They even have ballet.

Now you are ready… wait … one more step. Refer to the manual and familiarise yourself with the buttons. Here they are. Very useful to be familiar with them specially with the volume button. Depends on source of your music, quality and volume will vary. 20130708-212152.jpg

Now the big questions are…

Did I use the Sony Walkman Wseries? Yes, I used it…a lot!

1. FOR SWIMMING. First outing with the Walkman was in the pool. Waterproof and all, I gotta try it. It worked perfectly. Read a few reviews that said you can’t hear music properly while swimming. It didn’t have any problem with the volume. It was surprisingly good. They key is making sure you fit the correct earbuds size. They also work well as earplugs.

It was a new swimming experience. My only recommendation is to prolly stay away from this Maroon 5 song.

…Is there anyone out there cause it’s getting harder and harder to breathe…

2. FOR RUNNING. I only used it when I did my walk/run on the treadmill. Fit was great and I didn’t have to fix it at all during my 30min workouts. It was a very pleasant change from my usual earphones. But, but, but I never used it for outdoor runs. I was not comfortable wearing it outside. It totally blocks off everything and I was worried that it won’t be too safe. This is the same reason why I only use conventional earphones when I run.

3. FOR WEIGHTS, YOGA, INTERVAL TRAINING. I downloaded several podcasts. The Walkman loaded with workout podcast became my personal trainer. No slacking because it counts and tells you when rest period is over.

A tip for those who will use the walkman as a workout companion. Listen to the whole podcasts and familiarize yourself with the routine and poses.

Did I like it? No. I LOVED IT. Why? Because…

– Easy to use
– Easy to put music and workouts
– Long batterylife
– Quick charging
– Blocks off awful gym music and grunts of those lifting way to heavy weights
– it really is waterproof

I still will prolly not use it outside. I sometimes close my eyes when I run (kaya laging nadadapa so if wear it pa, that’s 2 senses gone. I’m just baliw. Use it outside by all means just make sure you are still aware of what’s happening around you.

The NWZ-W273 is available in blue, pink, white and black. For more information contact Sony’s customer service hotline at (+632) 878-7600 or log on website ;; or follow Sony on Twitter:

TIP : The website – – has a store finder. When I called their Glorietta store, they still have all colors.


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