Sweet deal

I promised myself a reward for completing my workout and diet plan for one week I was going to go with something “sporty” but couldn’t find anything I really really wanted. And then when I did a pantry check I saw that my coffee stash was down to one 3oz bottle. *Gasp!* Vn coffee run won’t be until November. So for this week, I settled on yummy Cafe Bustelo. Love its bold flavor.

As I was about tocomplete my transaction, amazon says $5 and I get shipping for free. FREE! This word jumped at me so went back searching for a $5 item.

Something for sewing, nah! Rainboots, nah, might have problem with sizing. A book, nah. The new mizuno wave prophecy 2, haha I wish.

And then, I don’t kmow how and i don’t know why, the Trigger Point foam roller came up. It’s on sale. SALE! Another favorite word haha. I wanted to get it last month pa kaso I felt it was too expensive. They sell it at GB3 for Php2670.

When I finished my transaction, I had a pleasant surprise. Total bill Php2421! Sweet! I get coffee and a foam roller for the price of one foam roller here in Manila. Love a good deal!

Happy Thursday!


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