Singkamas Juice

I made a couple of great discoveries today.

1. There is a wet market less than a kilometer away from the house. Great discovery coz fruits and veg are definitely cheaper at the wet market. Will definitely visit this market more often.

2. Singkamas Juice!
I found singkamas at market. It’s only 20pesos per kilo so I got a couple of kilos. Great snack while watching PGT. Low cal snack!

When we got home, I fixed the fruits and veg to make some juice. Then I had an idea, I wondered if I can use the singkamas for juicing. It is 70% water so I’ll have high yield.

I juiced one big singkamas and got one glass of creamy juice. Divine! So creamilicious!
20130504-184436.jpgAnd the bonus, it is not only delicious, it is also a very healthy drink. Click here for the benefits of singkamas juice.

Fun facts:
Spaniards spread cultivation of jícama from Mexico to Philippines, from there it went to China and other parts of Southeast Asia, where notable uses of raw jícama include popiah, fresh “lumpia” in the Philippines and salads in Singapore and Malaysia such as yusheng and rojak.Wikipedia

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