Natgeo Run 2013: Level 3 – Complete!

Level 1 – Wake up and peel self off from bed
This is an ongoing theme for me. Running is not the biggest challenge. It’s actually getting up and heading out for a run. I’m really having problems finding the motivation and drive to just lace up and go. I’ve never won an early debate with myself on the merits of morning runs until today. Woohoo!

Level 2 – get to the finish line on time
I won the debate, yes, but it actually took me over 30 minutes to convince myself that I need to do this race.

I can’t flake on Dingdong again but he’ll race naman even if I don’t show. NatGeo will be a great race, yeah and pati naman race x, y and z was good and I didnt go din. Sayang naman, this could be the start or I could start on May 1 para start of the month…blah-blah-blah

After over 30mins, fitness triumphed over laziness. 🙂 But it’s 3:45am na. I quickly prepared – shower, change, tape – and was out the door in 40 mins.

I got to the starting line on time!

Level 3 – Just do it, RUN!
And pretty soon, all systems go!

FACT: I had a plan for this race. I will walk-run it to the finish using my
week 2 C25K program. I will just go the distance. Speed will come later. I finished in 1h28min. Strong! I prolly could have pushed a bit more but it was so hot, I decided to play it safe.

I was so pleased that I even managed to overtake a few runners/walkers on the last stretch to the finish line. Tired but very happy.

FORM: I didn’t watch my form really well today. I just kept putting one foot in front of the other. At times, I did find extra power to go a bit faster. Pity I forgot to charge the Garmin so I have no km-split data. Next time.

FEEL: Mainit. It was so hot I was sweating before the first turn around. I just kept pouring water over my head, face and arms to keep cool. Overall, I feel great.

*********BONUS : Overheard at the Natgeo Run 2013*********

1. “Good morning runners.” – cheerful greeting from a lot of the marshals
Thank you marshals! I needed that. I made sure to return all the greetings as well. Pity most of the runners never made the effort to acknowledge them. Promise, calling out a greeting, putting up a hand to wave or even smiling back makes running a lot easier. Distracts you from the pain and suffering hehe

2. “I ran this race 2 years ago. I ran the 3K. – heard 2x, same person.
Somebody needs a better scriptwriter or prepare better. The first time he said it, he added pa, “not sure if I was registered …” Wait I take it back 3x pala, same line during the launch.

3. ” … ??? percent over 6 months” – dude talking to a dudette walking downhill somewhere after Mckinley …
Downhill. Walking. ‘Nuff said. 😀

4. “Tatay…” – a 20s something faint call out to her father who was about 2 meters ahead.
The dad immediately turned, concern written all over his face. Amazing how the power of one word and how in tune the father was to his daughter.

*********Last 2 hirit…*********
Hirit No. 1: Congrats Dingdong, woohoo 52mins.
Hirit No. 2:Thanks to the uber nice runner who gave me one of her safety pins. I lost 3 safety pins somewhere between my house and the starting line. Lady runner kindly gave me one of her pins. Hope she had a great race as well.

Now time for some zzzzzzz….

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