April 10: 7k-ish

Yesterday, I was one of the lucky ladies invited to be among the first to experience freedom of movement in an exclusive all-female session with the Nike Free 5.0. That was a really great session. Check out my next post. 🙂

Wednesday was another run day so after weavin’ and groovin’ with the girls, I still needed to log in a few kms. I could have gone round and round and up and down BGC but that’s a bit boring so I just decided to reverse my usual route and run home.

DISTANCE : 7k and a bit. Can’t be certain how far I really went coz Garmin froze and died and as I only had 26% battery left I decided to just use my interval app. I wasn’t sure if I had enough juice for interval and runmeter. However, I’m certain it’s over 7kms coz I started before my usual end point.

FACT : If I turn off 3G, I only need 6%. batt to run for an 1hr using my interval app with music.

FORM : Horrible. I ran home so I had a a drawstring backpack. It kept bouncing so I had to hold the straps which meant my arm movement was restricted, my shoulders tensed and my pace much slower.

FEEL : Legs felt a bit tired. I think they were still in shock from dancing. But this was really an easier run coz it was downhill. Oh and there was that lovely late breeze again.

It wasn’t too hot out but I still lost a lot of fluids. 2lbs worth of water. I’ve never recorded that much water loss. I was a bit freaked so II was rehydrating the whole day today.

Overall, I feel great. 14kms++ this week and counting. Oh and one more run and I can finally move to Week2 of the program. I’ve been stuck in C25K Week 1 for a year now, time to level up.


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