April 8: 7.08km

They said running will always take you back. TRUE.

They said when in doubt, just lace up and go. TRUE.
I’m preparing for a back-to-back chika run at the end of the month so it’s back to lacing up and running. I will be joining the Amazing Pinoy Run and the Natgeo Run. Excited to catch up with the chummies again. I’m sure they will be going the distance pero oks lang. We will likely get to chika after the race.

FACT : 7.08km in 1hr 1min. Not sure if Runmeter recorded distance accurately. I think the buildings make it a bit wonky. Will need to run the same route using another app.

FEEL : Kagabi, I had a great run. I thought it was going to be hot but luckily there was a good breeze to keep me cool. I am hoping to log at least 20km per week. Doable goal naman di ba.

FORM : My form was so off! I needed to conciously work on my turnovers, alignment etc.


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