mural hunting in Penang

George Town, Penang. On our second day in Penang, we rested from our eat-rest-eat routine and finally explored the city. One of the places we visited was the famous Blue Mansion. It’s a beautiful house with a happy kinda sad story. A definite must-see! I If you do decide to visit it, highly suggest that you time your visit with the 3 scheduled guided tours.

And no, this tale is not about the mansion, but as it started there, you can say that this tale came out of the blue.

You see the first photo, yup that’s me hamming it up for the cam and trying to work the contrast between my bright yellow shirt and the blue wall. And then I stood up and realised that I was –Eeek!!!-blue all over.
20121129-075126.jpg Inside we saw a flier for the Penang street art. I was so excited for the upcoming photo ops kasi look the little boy and I are wearing the same thing.

Unfortunately, our eat-rest-eat routine got in the way. We ad to defer our mural hunting. After our Langkawi sidetrip, we finally found time to explore Penang and hunt down its street art. The best part about the whole thing was discovering other interesting places to visit and explore. We found temples and lots of shops along the way.

Here are the rest of the murals.

Wanna go mural hunting as well? Download the offline map and you will be all set.20121201-004351.jpg Happy hunting!


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