swimming with lizards, running with monkeys

Teluk Burau, Langkawi. It was still dark at 6am so I waited until 7am before I headed out for a short jog. It rained last night so it was very cool.

I wasn’t planning on a hard run. I just wanted to explore and burn a bit of my PenangIndulgence. Penang food is soooo delish!

The road was very quiet. Every now and then I’d see a motorbike or a car. It was so quiet, I wasn’t surprised to see a monkey or two. Yup, monkeys. Big monkeys, big like a one year old baby. Sooo cute.

And so I ran and walked on a tree lined road. And then I saw more monkeys, not planet of the apes many but definitely barangay of the apes many. They were on the roadside and on the trees. I was starting to get a bit scared. Some were a bit territorial and started hissing. Maybe they were calling out, “Good morning!”, but since I don’t speak monkey and I could definitely see fangs I decided to run a bit faster and crossed to the other side of the road.

Monkeys aside, it was a good 45min walk/run. I will definitely go out again tomorrow but will choose the road to the left of the resort. More hilly but less monkey.

I guess being from the city, I get freaked a bit more with monkeys. You see where I usually run, I watch out for a different species. I know how to avoid trouble from the two-legged kind out to steal from you or just drunk and being silly.

What about the lizard, you ask?

Yesterday, after merienda we decided to go for a short swim. 5mins in the pool, we saw some of the guests taking pictures near the edge of the pool. Curious! I wondered what they were so excited about. And then I saw a head, 2 legs, long scaly body, 2 more legs and a very long tail! Lizard!!! Big one. Paddle-paddle-swim-swim! It was a 4-5ft monitor lizard out for an afternoon swim.

Way too much wildlife for me!

I didn’t bring a camera when I ran, but in case you are doubting my monkey business. Check out my next door neighbors.



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