RUPM – Ready to run a bit on C5?

In the dim dark past, a race made us run on C5, we came out via BGC and went in via Bayani Rd. The route was “interesting”. The “breeze” from the fast cars and trucks, I could have definitely done without. Let’s just say that I dont think I’ll ever have C5 as part of my favorite race route.

This Sunday, I believe that RUPM runners will have an improved experience of C5.

Runrio said that they have blocked off 2 lanes for runners, 1 lane to screen the runners from the vehicles and left only one lane for motorists. No need to run as well in the service road. Yey! And close coordination with the mayor of Taguig was also completed to further secure this section of the route.

And now fellow runners, they have done their job, we must also be reaponsible. Running 101 okay:

1. Make sure the gear you choose will not only be fierce and fabulous for the photos but should also have reflectorised bits and bobs so that you can easily be seen in the dark.

2. Speaking of dark, if you are not that comfortable with it or worried that some areas that will be dark, consider carrying a flashlight or wearing headlamp.

3. Always be aware of your surroundings.

4. Hydration. If the past you find that they lack water etc bring your own na rin to be sure.

5. Have a funtabulous time!

Oh and one last thing!!!

Coach Rio would like to remind everybody to be on time. 15minutes after gunstart, the ambulance and Runrio vehicles will start. Outrun them! :o)


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