a tour, a race, some surprises and big prizes

Last year, they offered us flag football and this year runners who will join the 5K category will run in a special route with “Fun Tasks”. They did not tell us last night at the launch what “Fun Tasks” will be given to runners. I just hope that whoever prepared these tasks do not think that solving quadratic equation is fun. Or worse, we could do such fun things like finding when train x will meet train y given their speed is z. I think I would prefer being tasked to lick my elbow than to do math. 🙂

But I’m still excited to join the 5K for the extra fun. And yes, doing the task is the perfect excuse to catch my breath and have a bit of rest in between runs.

This race is dubbed, “Ready, Set, Explore!” Are you ready?

Take note ha, BGC, no more na TheFort. They are rebranding na.

Oh and this year’s raffle prize is an Asian Cruise for 2. I was so sure I’d win last year’s raffle…maybe this time, I will win it. I am telling the universe now, can I please win in the raffle. Only BGC runners who finish the race and are present during the raffle draw will qualify for the raffle. So stay, enjoy and wait to hear your name when they raffle off the prizes. Or wait … no go home na after the race agad pala hehehe better chance for me to win.

Registration open until November 18 at Riovana Katipunan and Global City or Toby’s MOA and Trinoma.

Register na and let’s all have a good time!

But wait there’s more …. this fun run is actually just part of a bigger event. On 23-25 November 2012, BGC will be having the PassionFest 2012. Please visit on BGC on these dates for loads of fun and suprises.

For complete information, visit www.runrio.com.


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