Fretting? Run!


As I walked home yesterday, “Oh no! No! No! No!” kept echoing in my head.

A series of unfortunate events unfolded yesterday and it could potentially go Boom! today. I could not do anything about it at 7pm. I needed to wait it out.

I had dinner and settled to watch The Voice. Seeing Adam Levine could and should calm me down, right?

“Oh no! No! No! No!”

I tried to read.

“Oh no! No! No! No!”

I turned off the lights. I will just sleep this off.

“Oh no! No! No! No!”

I got up and laced up. I figured the best way to deal with this frantic vibe is to tire myself out. Run and crash. I went to my favorite route. It’s well lit and lotsa runners. With every lap, I drowned out all the “OhNos! with music and the sound of my feet hitting the pavement. Pretty soon I settled into a calm pace. I’ve outrun the OhNos!

After an hour, I headed home and as expected, crashed!

Happy ending. Today, the OhNos, became an OhWell and then eventually an OhYes!!! Plus, I was able put in a good hour of run.

So if you have a day like mine, stop fretting and run.


2 thoughts on “Fretting? Run!

  1. does running builds the entire body abs, chest, legs, etc. etc.? just curious since my coach got a nice body he said running can do that, please enlighten me.

    1. Hi Yuu, thanks for the visit. First off, I’m not fitness professional. Google is my teacher :0)

      Running is a very good cardiovascular activity. Found a link that might help you As such, its very good for weight loss.

      But if you are looking to for cuts and the elusive 6pack abs, you will need to do weight training and follow strict nutrition as well.

      My observation… the body type of runners vary also. Long distance runners tend to be more lean like Meb, Ryan Hall. The sprinters I find them heavier … not fat but more solidly built like Bolt. And then there’s us regular runners who come in all shapes and sizes.

      My suggestion a healthy balance of cardio, strength training and flexibility. :o)

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