Two Fridays ago…

– I added an extra monitor and put it on the right side of my main monitor. I love it! Makes reviewing docs so much easier.

– Downloaded and completed workout 1 of the Gorilla Workout which included 4 sets of 10 modified push-ups.

– My favorite project was put on ice. Deep freeze.

– Day before that I sat for an hour on the dentist chair.

Oh dearme, I dunno what caused it but when I got home my shoulders and neck were frozen and hurts like crazy. Was it the extra monitor coz I spent extended time looking to my right? Was it post workout pain? Maybe its just stress? An hour of dental work is expected to cause it, di ba? Or was it 1 + 2 + 3 + 4? I dunno. All I know was that I was in pain. Beyond AlaxanFRpain.

The session at Intercare was heaven sent. I haven’t been to a real chiro before. I usually go somewhere in Bangkal to take care of my shorter left leg.

When I arrived at the Kalayaan Branch of Intercare, I was assigned to Dr Lisa. Consultation started questions on what my complaint was (my neck and my left leg), my usual activities and basic diagnostics. And then she did preliminary tests to check if I have nerve problems. She pressed my head downwards and then turned my neck to the right and to the left. Pretty different from my lock and pop dude who goes straight for the joints and done in 2mins. I appreciated the thorough assessment.

After that she proceeded with my adjustments. Praka-ta-ka-tak! Pop goes my spine a few cms down from my neck. And the blessed relief! Release! The sound may be a bit alarming but relief was immediate.

She then adjusted my lumbar area to fix the shorter left leg. I was twisted while lying on my side. No sound effects. I liked that she also taught me how to relieve numbness by showing a twist that I could do.

After the adjustment, Eunice came in with hotpacks and a quick massage.
We finished off with tape here and there.

Thanks Intercare! May I never need your services again but if do, I now have more options on where to go.

And now you ask, how much?

Front desk said that for 1st time clients, they charge Php3,200. This include assessment and chiro. Succeeding sessions can range from Php950-2650 depending on treatment.

Thanks to Vimz and Princess!


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