RU, ready to listen?

When it comes to making suggestions on how to improve local races, I.AM.NOT.SHY. I am ever hopeful, never demanding and forever grateful.

Unilab Active Health provided bloggers with the opportunity to contribute in making local races simplyFab. They asked us, “What is your ideal Run United?”

Ask and you shall receive.

In 2008, I blogged about my FrankenRace. This is a compilation of the things I wished we could have in the Philippines. I am pleased to say that in the 3 or so years, our local race directors have really worked on improving our local races. My ideal race is within reach…until I come across a few things that could make it even more fab.

Wish 1: Pilipinas – A Running Destination
Picture this…registration for RU races closing in a matter of days and attracting 10,000 runners for the AfroMan distance from all over Asia!

I.Dream.Big (and in technicolor). RU can do it! Our weekend races are already at par with the major banksponsored races. It’s not even a case of “if you build it, they will come” anymore, some are travelling to Manila races. Last July,
a KL runner mentioned that he has friends travelling for the I’m getting ready, getting ready Marathon.

RU, ready to make the Philippines the next premiere race destination?

Wish 2: Showcase our Elites. Remember the runner from Cebu who finished 2nd in the 2010 KL Standard Charted Half? Well, she finished, 13th in the 2012 HK SCM edition. Let’s get more Mary Grace delos Santos out there.

Please RU, I will run and run races that not only promotes a healthy lifestyle but the only sport I am passably good at and love dearly. Please! It would really be great to see running in the Sports section and not just in the Lifestyle section of the broadsheets.

RU, ready to support local elites?

Wish 3: Top brand finisher’s shirt. I like wearing my the shirts from the Nike Human Race and We Run Manila races. It would be great if RU can pair up with Nike or Adidas for their finisher’s shirt. Imagine the advertising mileage, it will be worth it!

RU, please let us play and celebrate our accomplishments wearing top brands.

Wish 4: Slippers, oo tsinelas. I ran Half Marathon in July and I was in runner’s heaven when I found a booth that was giving away slippers. Check it out here. Not branded, plain white tsinelas for my tired feet. Heaven.


Spartan man or Havaianas is okay; RU, game to give us bliss?

Wish 5: Customised AfroMan Distance training plan. This is truly one of the best innovation of RU. A unique distance pero am a bit at a loss on how to train for it. I like training plans; they keep me on track. But if I were to train for the 2013 AfroMan Distance, do I use a Half Marathon plan or the Full Marathon Plan? If I use the Half, baka masunog ako with the pace. If I use the Full naman, baka I won’t be running fast enough. So please RU, get me ready for the 2013 Afroman diatance with an appropriate training plan. Look here o, they do it for other races.

RU, game to take the AfroMan distance training to the next level?

Wish 6 : Video wall cheers or Finisher’s pix up on a really big screen. Imagine getting video cheers from family and friends at designated Km.

Again, at my July Half, knowing that I had something to look forward to at certain kms made me run a little bit faster to the video walls and a little lighter and with a big smile after it. The videos were triggered by the timing chip I was wearing and recorded during the expo. It was downright silly and fun.

Or if the video wall is too much, how about our picture up in the videowalls at the Guadalupe bridge?

Picture below was from my 2009 marathon, we had to send a text messages to a designated number with our unique code and out pops our picture at Times Square. And we sent lots and lots of text messages, minsan lang ito! I’m excited to see myself and fellow runners at the Guadalupe videowalls! Plus it’s a great way to promote the brand and the healthy lifestyle using normal people.

RU, willing to make us your models?


Take the poll folks!


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