Weekly Photo Challenge : Inside : Durian


In my recent travel to Davao, friends and I ate some durian on the street. This is the first time for me to taste this ewwww smelly fruit and I was pleasantly surprised that it was really delish. Stinky but absolutely delish.

When we passed by the vendors, the smell could easily drive you away. But after one bite, you will be hooked and the smell won’t bother anymore. I do believe that I started to smell like durian also kaya I can’t smell it na. 😀


20120721-114120.jpgDurian INSIDE.

Happy rainy Saturday folks!


5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : Inside : Durian

    1. You’ll definitely smell it! It’s not really stinky stinky bad, more like it’s got a cloyingly sweet smell. But worth it! 😀

  1. Hi, I’m from Indonesia where durian is one of the favorite fruits. Quite surprised when I found out your post. 😀

    Me myself one of the fan of the fruit. Like the picture! 😀

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