Running with the flyboys


That’s me, Gigi, and BroJ (BroJ’s Swthrt – not in the frame) at the starting line. As you can see, we didn’t exactly have our game faces on. We went out this morning to celebrate with the Philippine Air Force their 65th anniversary and to support their scholarship foundation for the dependents of the Philippine Air Force personnel who were either killed in action or totally incapacitated while in line of duty.

I didn’t have time to reg last week so I registered onsite. “Good job!” to the men and women who were manning the reg booth. It was quick and efficient.

Before the race started Gigi, BroJ&Swrthrt and I were just chatting. Very relaxed. No target at all except SURVIVE the race route. I’ve joined races in Mckinley Hill before but I think this is the toughest 10K configuration ever. Finish line na lang uphill pa!

Before the race started, the lieutenant general for the air force arrived and he was welcomed with lotsa fanfare from the marching band. It almost made me dream to be a general. I could get used to welcome like that! That thought lasted until we had to do our warm-ups. The officer leading was had a very commanding presence hehe parangfollow or else. I don’t like jumping iacks and didn’t do them. There goes my dream entrance of having marching band fanfare eh!



RACE NA! Dati pa, my run strategy is to walk uphills and ride the downhills. It helps me last longer. Today, I couldn’t immediately implement my strategy. The race started with a climb. Panget, naman to walk out of the chute. No choice, I had started running after all the men and women in blue. At the start of the race, I was 3rd to the last. Ganyan ang walang training, kumakain ng alikabok!

Afterawhile, I did a body check. I could continue to push on the uphills but I might not have enough gas for the distance. That is not acceptable. I decided to eat more dust and fall back to a walk. Gaining back my race pace will not happen in a snap. I gotta earn it back. And so I walked. Footsteps! Hu-ha! Clapping! Yikes flyboy fleet run! the 10K sweep runners were at my heels. I think they were there to motivate/bully slackers like me. Ako pa! I let them pass. I was happy bouncing along.

Finally I was able to climb out of
mckinley hill. I was feeling great. It is a difficult and challenging route and I loved it! I was able to pass a few people pa. My walk-run strategy worked.

I finished with a dismal time but I was soooo happy pa rin. It’s good to be back.

After the race, the surprise from the PAF came.



Chopper with confetti! Saya!

Finished of the morning with lotsa kwento and planning for next race over breakfast at Mcdo.

I’m excited to be running again.

Congratulations to Coach Joar and the rest of the team and happy 65th anniversary to the Philippine Air Force. Til next yer flyboys!


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