4 thoughts on “I’m happy because…

  1. Hey there! So sorry for the random comment but parts of your blog came up when I was researching my peroneus longus muscle problem and it seemed like you’ve encountered some of the same problems. It’s been over three weeks since the pain started and it’s so bad I have to walk with a crutch! Both the origin point on the lateral part of my leg is painful and really painful with pressure point massage and my foot is painful. I ice every day, stretch, and I’ve been trying to bike for SOME type of exercise but should I even be doing that? This is taking SO long to heal! Is there something more I could be doing? Thanks so much!


    1. Hi ashley, looks like yours is a more serious injury. 😦 here’s the link to my post on peroneus longus. https://bananarunning.wordpress.com/2009/02/21/leg-muscle-101-peroneus-longus/

      Folks who experienced the same peoblem have contributed suggestions also in the comments.

      My injury is not as bad as yours. But I did a complete rest, i know it will be annoying to limit exercise/training but sometimes thats what we all need. And hopefully it will bring down the inflammation. Lastly, Id recommend a visit to a rehab med doc.

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