tag surfer finds : RunningHaiku

I have 17 training weeks to go and I’m worried. I’ve turned to wordpress tag surfer for inspiration. Misery is best shared and I’m happy to share it with fellow runners writing about their training runs.

Found one interesting blog called runninghaiku.
In her about page, she said…

I would think of running haikus in my head to distract my mind from whatever pain I was feeling. (I’m not sure it worked as many of them included four letter words.) Enjoy and feel free to post your own!

I tried my hand at it today…

Run today was bad
I don’t know why it was blech
Haiku just as bad

Another day, another run. Dunno which one will improve quicker, my running or my haiku. Do visit runninghaiku when you have time and try making a haiku or two to get you through that workout.

Keep on running!


5 thoughts on “tag surfer finds : RunningHaiku

  1. Thanks for the plug for runninghaiku! I’m glad you enjoy the page. Sometimes the haiku are serious and sometimes irreverent – whatever I’m feeling about my run that day. Everyone should feel free to submit their own either in the comments section or email me at charla.neuman@gmail.com

    Keep on running and try some haiku!
    All the best,
    Charla (runninghaiku)

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