Run number 1


The early runner catches the sunrise.

I woke up at 6AM and rolled out of bed and into my running gear a few minutes later. 630am here is still dark, more like our 5am in Manila, so it is a perfect time to run. Cool but not too early.

I had a choice of running in the gym or outside. Normally an easy choice for me, but as I am in a new place, I asked recep desk first it is safe to run outside. Azarina said it’s okay to run outside so off I went.

Great running weather! Very cool. Not exactly sure where to go so I completed the loop around the hotel. 400m. I didnt see any runners up and about. I had the route to myself but I felt safe. Feeling more confident I moved on to the outer loop. Ran 4kms today.

It was still a walk/run for me. I wish I can do straight 4km, 10km, 21km soon. I try. I’m happy with this run.

Each completed run is a tick mark in my training program and a win in the ongoing battle of the bulge.

Keep on running!


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