3K in 5hours

While folks back home were enjoying the high of running at Condura, I was out wandering in one of my favorite cities.

MAP IT OUT. I have a horrible sense of direction but give me a map and I can twist and flip it to get me to where I want to be. Love maps!

The plan for last Sunday’s adventure was to walk from our hotel to KOTO a resto located near the Temple of Literature. The route will take boslady and I through clothing street (Hang Dao), silk street (Hang Gai) and the church at Au Trieu. The most direct route is 2.9km.

Here is Sunday’s map. Part of the plan is to stop and enjoy street food where possible.


Less than 100m from the hotel, we saw orange goodies being sold in the street. We had look and a bit of a smell. Vendorlady said its sweet sticky rice for Tet (Lunar New Year).


It was sweet and sticky! Like a suman but not as sticky. The lovely orange color is from the big orange fruit. The use its seeds to color the rice mixture. I imagine it works like a giant achuete.

The streets were also dotted with lotsa flower vendors. I so love the flowers in Vietnam. Their roses are HUGE! And they sell flowers lots of flowers here. It’s for the local market mainly, not just for tourists.

A few more meters and we reached, 87 Ma May street. It is a restored traditional house. This 3 storey house gives tourists a glimpse of typical Vietnamese house and how they go about their lives.

1st floor is for shop front, dining and cooking area. The 2nd floor is the receiving area and the 3rd floor is for sleeping.

The house is very narrow. Read somewhere that tax before was based in width of street frontage not vey sure about this info hence the narrow house.

I love the details they incorporate in their house. You gotta visit this one!

At 22 Hang Bac street, we found this young artist. I originally wanted a simple stamp with just my name. Pero, since it will be customised for me, the quote was for 10USD. Mahal! I opted for the dragonfly with my name. He made this stamp for only 4USD.


We looked in on more stores along Hang Bac. Bags and trinkets galore. When we saw a lady selling, ca phe sua da, we of course stopped. We could never say no to the local coffee. Super strong, creamy and sweet (thanks to the generous serving of condensed milk). Price ranges from VND15,000 in the street to VND 50,000 in the restos. Yumm-oooh! Guaranteed to give you fatty-boom-boom though.


After our morning snack, we were nowhere near our final destination yet. It’s okay, we were off to explore Hang Gai. I like this street. I love entering the posh art galleries and looking at contemporary vietnamese artworks. Basis for the artworks tourists can buy for around USD 25. Their style is quite distinct. The jologs in me equates this to a visit toMegamall’s Level 4. Lots of galleries. It is one big art exhibit street.

Locals refer to it also as Silk street. I couldn’t resist getting this set of hand embroidered silk handkerchiefs for USD9. Not sure if it was too pricey but they were exquisite. I really wanted to buy a scarf but the price was way too steep for me. Eventually found one pero in Saigon na.


After Hang Gai, we went to Au Trieu St where we found this lovely church. The area around it is also filled with lots of small stores. So hard not to shop.


We took Hai Ba Trung to get to the Temple of Literature. Big street. Almost like walking along Aurora Blvd. Not as exciting as the smaller streets.


Finally! Temple of Literature. It was so busy as Feb4 was the official start of the Lunar new year.

We couldn’t get a table yet at KOTO. Full to the max. Popular. We revised our plan. We walked around first in the temple then we had bun cha on the street



Finally, KOTO for some dessert. We so deserve these beauties!

We covered 3K in 5 hours. My worst 3k time ever but it was so worth it. Another lovely day in Ha Noi. Looking forward to more more more!


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