After a good run, the world just feels beautiful and wonderful. Do you ever get this feeling? That’s how I feel right now. I still have a silly grin and twinkling eyes.

The original plan was to run 8k outside. Pero, it is soooo hot today so I opted for hamster with a twist. It is time to work on speed. After a spot of yoga, I hopped on the treadmill.

Workout : Warm up – 1min x 6 RI 1min – 2min x 3 RI 1min – 1min x 6 – Cool Down.

I wish I could say that I was running at HelpImAboutToFlyOffThisThing pace but I really did not. I settled for 6min/km. I need to build back my confidence. I need to get comfortable with this pace again.

I did an extended warm-up because my legs felt a little heavy. It paid off. By the time I started the interval workout, I was confident that I could hit the pace, sustain it and maintain good form.

And I did! Hope you had a good run, too. Gnyt!


4 thoughts on “Happy!

  1. Awesome! Running always gives me that feeling. After a good hard run, everything in the world seems just right. Endorphin release is my drug of choice

    Too hot? where do you live? its freezing here in Ohio. Then again. It’s Ohio so…..

    1. Hey, do you know that there is also a runningscientist in blogspot. I thought same-same and he moved to ohio.

      Thanks for droppingby and good luck on the BQ chase!

      1. I had no idea there was the same name on blogspot. But nope, not the same person. Thanks for the good luck!!

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