Weekly Photo Challenge : Down : This Cat’s Eye


Down is the last place I usually look when I go out for a run. Not very smart. I’ve had one too many spills because of it. The usual culprit…this little thing known as cat’s eye.

Went for an easy 10km this morning and when I did look down, I saw them and decided to take a picture. I was going to write how this little thing caused 2 bad ankle sprains which derailed my training and running. I was going to do a whiny post pero sakto, it fits the theme for this week’s photo challenge.

So where do I look when I run?

Oh, don’t get me wrong. I look around me, wave and smile at fellow runners. I marvel at glorious views I see. But more often specially when I’m out for a tough workout and when I race, I focus inwards.

I run better when I focus on my form and my candence. I like to count. I count my steps. I go inwards to work at improving my form. I play around with how I land to see what’s the most efficient for faster turnovers and stride length. I test how tight I should keep my abs. I vary my arm swing and visualise how it can help me run faster. Geeky much?

Seeing this cat’s eyes made me realise that I really should look down every so often. I’ve got an eye out now for these little beasties. They won’t get me down again.

Weekend workout 1, done. One more tomorrow. How about you?


One thought on “Weekly Photo Challenge : Down : This Cat’s Eye

  1. I usually just keep my eyes forward. I rarely look down unless I’m on a sidewalk. I about bit it big time once when I wasn’t looking down on this particular sidewalk. I try to also listen to my insides, my shins the most. Traffic, got to look out for that traffic as well.

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